New live material!

Since we had such a blast during our summer tour, here's some live material Pearl Vink filmed at the last show at Woodstock, Bloemendaal:










Fashion for the Spincrowd!

Have your own Comic Sexy dress tailored to fit you (or just watch this clip for which we did the music)




To Go Somewhere, You Got To Leave Something...

We're currently releasing a new vinyl single per 4 months. We aim for 7 singles in total, to make one album.  After we've release our seventh single, fans can get a box housing a comic book, the seven singles, some graphic novelties and if they wish, the can try to solve a classic 'Whodunnit Murder Mystery'.

Every single flirts with a different musical genre.



To listen to our previous singles in Spotify, please follow this link
More of our work in the apple store and on deezer
Somebody uploaded our first album here

Our next singles will be a mix between a Balkan beat thing and a psychedelic 60s acidrock floorfiller. On the B side will be a Beatleque tune with a slightly philosophical outlook.


We have a fashion line for the 'Spincrowd' - check Comic Sexy Fashion!
There's a special Comic Sexy dance for which the Spinshots wrote a song. See it here!

Meanwhile, we're working on our revue show. A show of the Spinshots warps you into an eclectic filmscene where there's a James Bond chase,  Barbarella undressing from a Paco Rabane outfit dancing to the Ike and Tina Turner Revue - in a backroom at 'the Party'.



Check this liveclip

And off course our rendez-vous with the devil
Somebody loaded up our first album. So here's your chance!



Vinyl Release Party / Artshow in Concerto



Listen to our playlists!

Posted on: 10-09-2017

The Spinshots made some really outstanding playlists in spotify - so check them out!


Busy bees working on a new EP 

Posted on: 10-09-2017


??Eventhough we've only just released the first out of 7 EP's, we're already working on the next one. The next EP will feature the singles 'When A Heart Is Torn In Two' and 'To Go Somehwere, You Have To Leave First'. These singles can be characterized by their mix between sixties beat-exotica and Cuban Latin.

??The 7 EP's combined narrate a grizzling murder mysterie in which a young girl gets brutally killed. Are you up to date with the story of the first EP (Seven Bullets One Gun and Slipstream Of A Dream? If not, click here.??


'When A Heart Is Torn In Two' and 'To Go Somehwere, You Have To Leave First' will teach you something about the motive of the killer and the troubled mum of Nadia Miroslava.

To be continued....

Picture by Thijs Tennekes


Seven Bullets One Gun and Slipstream Of a Dream are out on Spotify??

Posted on: 26-07-2017


A few days ago, we've released the new EP with the singles 'Seven Bullets One Gun' and 'Slipstream Of A Dream'. We've had a blast during our EP release show in Pacific Parc. You can check out the pictures here and you can listen to the new singles right here.




Seven Bullets, One Gun / Slipstream of a Dream - Single Release Party in Pacific Parc - 21 juli

Posted on: 11-07-2017


In 2017 / 18 The Spinshots will produce 7 singles that will together make one album. On each song, we get to know a little bit more about a murdered girl - or about a potential murderer. Would you like to know more about the first part of the murder mystery? Click here.


The first EP ‘Seven Bullets, One Gun / Slipstream of a Dream is brought out on vinyl by Tardam Records, an Italian / Dutch record label that specializes in gorgeous neo 60s sounds.

Single release show: 21st of July
Location: Pacific Parc, Amsterdam
Time: 23:00
Damage: €5




New gig - Landjuweel

Posted on: 18-07-2017
The Spinshots will be rocking the stage at Landjuweel, Ruigoord! Make sure to bring your dancing shoes and party with us on the 5th of August.







Maloe memoires!

Posted on: 9-3-2017



Thanx all for showing up at Maloe"Home of the blues" Melo last friday!

We had a blast and we're pretty sure you had too!

Its always a thrill to see so many people dancing to original music!

Let alone ours!

There's some new dates on our gig page.

And we'll be adding more shortly

So if you haven't seen us yet.

Check out the gig page and come and say Hi!




Photo: Chris Stevenet





Four strings!

Posted on: 2-3-2017



Your favorite Spins Du Shots are playing the legendary Maloe Melo once again. We'll present you no less than 5! new songs. as well as no more than 1! new bassplayer.


After 10 years of  Neo exotica-ism in the bass departement our good friend Andreas "triggerfinger" Tscholl is gonna let the bass rest for a while and focus on fine arts for now. 

We are so lucky to have run into our new bassplayer not much later.

Presenting: Peter "the Hook" Hordijk. Friday is his first Live gig.

Peter worked his ass off to get all off our repetoire in his system. In just two months!

All the more reason to show yourself and your funky "whathaveyou" and him give him that all traditional Spinshotssupporterssympathy!!

And in the meantime...

Our new single is ready for pressing! Artwork is finished and 

y'all will see what it looks and sounds like in a couple of months.

For now: See you on Friday!






Happy 2017!

Posted on: 3-1-2017



It's round, it's black and it's got a hole in the middle?...well? 

Right! Your beloved bunch of Spinshoteers are working on a lot of new material to be put out on vinyl this year!

In 2017 Trump might be the one in charge...But the Spinshots will be leading!...

Instead of releasing one Lp with all our new material at once..we'll be releasing vinyl singles one at  a time.

Every single will be acompanied by cool fresh artwork and a release party!...SO! More parties and art for the same amount of songs.

2017?? Are we ready?? You bet we are!














the Spinshots in Paradiso Amsterdam

with Comic Sexy Fashion






Click Click Clap Clip!


The Spinshots perform 'Click Click Clap' at Club Intergalactica



New shows coming up!

Grab your chances for some live Spinshots experiences: april 4 its 'Best Kool' in OT301, Amsterdam, april 26 on the Kings night De Nieuwe Anita will be the crime scene and may 29 Noorderlicht Amsterdam gets Spin-shot! More gigs to be announced sooon!
 we are! 2015

Posted on: 11-1-2015


And we have a lot to look back on and look forward to:

Was 2014 filled with some great gigs... a whole bunch of new songs... some new collaborations, fun recordings and a trip to Italy....
2015 promises even to be more fruitful: with the recording and release of our second album in the fall, New gigs coming up and the production and release of Comic sexy! Sorry?..Comic Wha? Yep that's right... Our national treasure and uber Spinshot Martin Draax is in the final stages of completing a collection of beautiful dresses for you to admire and ultimately buy. Check out the website for a first hint of the collection:

If you haven't liked us on Facebook yet...please make sure you do so at

We try to use our facebookpage as our weekly diary of everything thats going on in our world ...keeping you up to date with gigs...behind the scenes anecdotes and tasty gigpics. like the ones below...taken on our recent trip to the lovely city of Taranto, Italy for a gathering of beautiful people at "This is the party".

Love you and see you all soon!


Photo by Cosimo Calibrese


Photo by Cosimo Calibrese


Photo by Cosimo Calibrese


Up in the sky!

Posted on: 08-1-2015


Did we tell you already we was going to italy last month? Well, funny thing happened on the way back: after all kinds of horrorstories from our musicianscollegues about not being allowed to take the instruments in the cabin and thus missing flights. quite the opposite happened to us on the klmflight from Rome to Amsterdam: the flight personal saw us come in with our gear and asked us to unpack and play them a tune!.. Here's what that looked like: Shake on the plane!


Spin-update: Thankyou &  Whatsup?

Thank you so much spies and spy-ettes, you were the best. Pictures and moving images are on their way. In the meantime we're brewing new (NEW!) Spinshotsongs, coming to you anywhere next year on the new record we're cooking.  You can see us live on nov 28, 21.30 at Stiel's Muziekcafé, Smedestraat, Haarlem, annndd.... we'll fly to fair Taranto, in southern Italy to play on a festival called: 'Thisistheparty', on dec 20th. Hope see your charming faces at one of these gigs!




October 4: The Spinshots' Single Suspense!


Finally its there! The moment you've all been waiting for! October 4th the new Spinshots single 'Gone Before He Left' will see the living daylights on a very special spy-themed fiesta at La Caverna Intergalactica, Oostelijke Handelskade 999 (above Puerto Pata Negra). There will be a stunning show, dj's, drinks, smiles, best (spy) dressed contest, free vinyl for the first 150 visitors and... you! 
Doors open: 21.00, show starts 22.00 sharp. 


Check out the design down below. art direction and design by dr. Draax, art by Emanuel



More info on facialbooks.





We Made it into Het Parool!



Tolhuistuin Opening with the Spinshots!
Posted on 14-09-2014

This friday, sep 19, the new venue Tolhuistuin will officially open its doors and the Spinshots are part of it! We'll bring some special guests to enlighten the IJzaal at 21.45 with a special show.  And there's a surprise for commuters on the buiksloterweg-ferry!


To celebrate the Tolhuistuin opening and the new dance night Dim'Lights, The Spinshots have invited beautifull bellydancer maya and top notch percussionist os De Haas for our (free!) shows at 21.45.

Between 18.00 and 19.00 we do a warming up for travellers on the ferry to Noord, giving them an 'aubade' from the ferry balcony. We're already ironing our sailor suits for this superspecial and fun occasion!

And don't forget to save the date: oct 4 we'll release our single 'Gone Before He Left' in on very swell location in our hometown!




New vinyl upcoming!

Posted on 29-06-2014

Yep! We've been recording! We recorded 'Gone Before He Left' at Electric Monkey Studio (though a mixingtable that once belonged to our hero Ennio Morricone) with the Spinshots and guests. (among them Jos the Haas of New Cool Collective and Sietse van Gorkom, with his Red Limo Orchestra)

On the B side you'll hear a nice bubblegum track called 'Comic Sexy', introducing Jaap on the Hammond Organ.

Our drummer Emanuel did the artwork for the cover, here's a little peak at the label as it will appear at the 45 inch:



New material and new  dude!

Posted on 12-05-2014

Wellll...after some stunning shows round Koningsdag.

Leader of all spinshots Martin Draax has come up with a lot of new material lately and we're busy rehearsing.

Getting ready for a new record

Also we would like to welcome a new Spinshot in our midst: Keyboard player and organist Jan Jaap Snellen.


The spinshots 2nd gig of the evening @ Noordermarkt

on Koningsdag





Arthur Brown!

Posted on 05-12-2013

My oh MY oh MY!
The God of hellfire seriously rocked the church of rock!!
Here's us playing with the man who brought you....FIRE!

The Spinshots

Organ: Jeroen van Zwijndrecht;

Percussion: Jos de Haas;

Background vox: Julia P and Flora Dolores.



10 years of Amsterdam Beat Club

Posted on 05-12-2013

Our friends of Amsterdam Beatclub have been around for ten years, and  they sure know how to celebrate. December 15 its time for a huge birthday bash at Paradiso Amsterdam, where we will play among many many other amazing acts, like the legendary 'God of Hellfire' Arthur Brown! And last but not least there's the premiere of our new single 'Gone Before He Left', which is featured on the compilation vinyl '10 Years of Amsterdam Beatclub'. Available anywhere near you soon! Go! Go! Go!





Posted on 09-11-2013
There are some amazing gigs coming up! What about Paradiso's main hall, the 'Veronica Schip'; a legendary new venue for live music, Haarlem and more? Click here and find out where and when you'll have the special opportunity of dancing to the live sounds of The Spinshots!



The Spinshots create 'KLIK!' tune

Posted on 31-10-2013
Wows, there it is! The cute leader of KLIK! the Hollands best animation film festival, which starts at november 12th. And who else but The Spinshots -with half of the band consisting of graphic artists- created the mysterious soundtrack to this leader...



Recording new stuff with awesome musicians

Posted on 04-10-2013
New stuff is cooking in the Spinshots' kitchen and it smells fingerlicking good. So we invited some friends. A lot of them! On our upcoming single you can hear a 13 piece string section of the Red Limo combo, arranged by the amazing Sietse van Gorkom (Kytemans Orchestra, Janne Schra et al.). They almost didn't fit the Electric Monkey studio... And great percussionist Jos de Haas (New Cool Collective) came over and played some mean congas and bongos. The result of all this hard work will soon be heard anywhere near you, soon!



The Spinshots at Haarlem Jazz&More

Posted on 20-08-2013


Oh yes and how great it all was! The Spinshots recently played the main stage at Haarlem Jazz & More... Beautiful audience, great crew! Thanx everybody!



A very short excerpt is here

(pic by Peter Visser)




Videoclip online!

Posted on 11-02-2013


Proud as we are, no words are needed: just watch...




Posted on 05-02-2013

Yessss! Finally! We've got teeshirts for you! 20 Euros only, you can buy them starting next gig!

Don't worry, gents! There's a shirt for men as well, but we don't have the photos yet...


Order them at the Shop. or better yet: buy one at a gig!

Model: Tony Docekal, Photographer: Huub van Stijn.


"Sell your soul"

Posted on 02-02-2013

What happens if you ask a wild Exotica band, a raw Blues singer and three soulful sisters to play the soundtrack for an animation movie? And then ask them again, to record a videoclip? The result can be seen and heard at Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam. The Spinshots, featuring Boyd Small and the Van Dijck Sisters, present their new videoclip 'Sell Your Soul'.

'Sell Your Soul' is a song from the soundtrack of the film 'Deep Shit', directed by Spinshots guitarist Martin Draax. The animated short, made in three long years, had it's première at the 'Nederlands Film Festival' in Utrecht in september. It was shown in Brasil, Ireland and the Netherlands after. Now, as a bonus, there is the freshly shot videoclip, with Boyd Small and the Van Dijck Sisters in the leading roles.


Sell your soul promo poster


February 9th, the world premiere of 'Sell Your Soul' is celebrated in Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam. The Spinshots wil play a live show, with Boyd Small and the Van Dijck Sisters as guests. After the live show, you can dance to the wild 60s tunes of Brother Boogaloo (de Nieuwe Anita) and Ir Vendermeulen (Amsterdam Beat Club)

for some behind the scenes pics: scroll down a bit.

See our gig page for more details.


Hope to see you there!


The Spinshots win ABC's battle of the bands!

Posted on 28-01-2013

It was close, but not too close to mention...
Amsterdam BearClub invited 4 bands to play at rocktemple Paradiso. Each band giving four  ten-minute showcases, each band on a stage of it's own.

Yes: 4 stages, 4 bands.
And boy! Did the audience love it!!: the bands were fantastic, there was of course no rivalry between them - all for a good night of rock and roll.
The applausemeter registrated the loudness of the applauding audiences after each band. It gave a vital decibel more in favor of the Spinshots and so we could collect our first 'Golden Record' : a 7" single painted gold in a frame.


The Spinshots loved playing but at the same time fully enjoyed the gigs of the other bands: The Pacifix, De Mieters and De Keefmen, all three of them being great 60's style combos.
Winning is not of importance - all four bands were equally great, and playing in paradiso was as fantastic as ever.
Thanks to the audience! Special thanks to Ir Vendermeulen for asking us!






Hurray for the new year!

Posted on 12-26-2012


From down here at Spinshots headquarters we wish all of you sophisticated Spinshots supporters a Christmas Extraordinaire, and the happiest and newest new year ever!

Here's a new years resolution for ya: Come and say hi on one of the following dates:  Januari 21 at Paradiso doing a friendly battle of the bands for Amsterdam Beat Club, Februari 9 at Wilhemlmina Pakhuis to present our newest Videoclip and Februari 21 at The Melkweg to celebrate comics and curiosa magazine Zone 5300's 100th issue.

For more information check out our gig page.


Hope to see you soon!!





Videoclip editing is halfway!

Posted on 09-13-2012


We're halfway! And we have an important date for you. Februari 9, 2013! Write it in your agenda, don't go anywhere else but to Wilhelmina Pakhuis Amsterdam - we will present our videoclip and other new material.

Besides that, guitarist Martin Draax will play the finest exotica, soul, beat, soundtracks, spy-fi and 60s pop from vinyl.
Yep: dance till you drop!



The clip is a promotion project for Boyd Small, who is our guest singer, Cato van Dijck and Flora Dolores who sing the backings, the Spinshots and the animated shortfilm Deep Shit, which was written and directed by Martin Draax. The song is part of the soundtrack of that film.


aaaaand.... Action!!

Posted on 02-10-2012


Well, Well, Aren't they a busy bunch!?

between recording, writing new material, doing live gigs and hanging out with the cool and mighty, somehow time was found to shoot a videoclip to accompany one of the songs for the new album.


Emanuel and Jelle (Photo: Patrick Raats)


Julien and Wurlitzer (Photo: Patrick Raats)


Martin handling reality better through a lens (Photo: Patrick Raats)


Andreas (Photo: Patrick Raats)


Emanuel and Martin hanging in there (Photo: Patrick Raats)


Boyd Small doing lead vox  (Photos: Patrick Raats)


Flora Dolores and Cato (Photo: Patrick Raats)


This is not their first clip by the way. earlier they made this one : 



September 29 2012: Premiere 'Deep Shit' and Spinshots at Speyksessie in Rotterdam

Posted on 28-09-2012


It is a wild & exciting time for the Spinshots. They play a lot (see giglist) and guitarist Martin Draax' short animation film has it's Dutch premiere at Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht. The Spinshots performed the music for the film and are now working on a videoclip with additional musicians (The Van Dijck Sisters, Julien Kummer, Boyd Small) - soon to be all over youtube!


The premiere of 'Deep Shit is september 29th, 16.00 at Louis Hartloper Complex in Utrecht. The Spinshots play that night at the Speyk Sessions in Rotterdam.


Martin Draax' deep shit.


Live! Live! Live!

Posted on 05-09-2012


De kans dat je de komende maanden ergens in Nederland de Spinshots tegen het lijf loopt is groter dan ooit tevoren: de optredens blijven maar binnenstromen. De Popronde brengt ons onder meer naar Nijmegen, Helmond, Delft, Haarlem, Arnhem en Den Bosch. Verder komen we naar Rotterdam én staan we in Tivoli de Helling. Alle optredens staan onder het kopje 'gigs' en er komen er vast nog meer bij. Tot snel!


A smell of Bollywood

Posted on 03-09-2012


Voordat zo de Popronde losbarst waarvoor The Spinshots allerlei nieuwe plekken in het land afreizen was het tijd voor een inspiratie-sessie. Edo van bombay-connection had ons uitgenodigd om eens te komen snuffelen in zijn enorme platencollectie vol exotica.


Vinyl heaven


Hij schotelde ons een stevige portie geweldige muziek voor uit zijn absurd goedgevulde platenkast: Bollywood funk, Indianencumbia, Tamilmetal, Griekse shake, Duitse bop, afrofunk, Peruaanse boogaloo, Libanese bellydance, marokvlaamse exoticahiphop, Nederlandse beat, Turkse fiftiesballads, Ijslandse fuzzgitaar en nog veel meer.


Bollywoods Preetam soundtrack


Deze meneer zingt heel zacht, schijnt.


Dit alles op vinyl en over briljante boxen. Smullen. Na de Popronde maar snel aan de slag met liedjes voor het nieuwe album…


Popronde, here we come!

Posted on 07-08-2012
Oh oh... in alle drukte zijn we nogal slecht geweest met het updaten van onze site. Maar dat betekent niet dat er niets gebeurt! Zo zijn we onderdeel van de Popronde 2012 en gaan we in september, oktober en november onder meer Nijmegen, Arnhem, Helmond en Haarlem kennis laten maken met neo-exotica! Meer informatie over al onze aankomende optredens is te vinden bij gigs. Zie je daar!



The Spinshots gaan akoestisch

Posted on 13-04-2012
Na een zwaar leuk optreden in Wormerveer schakelen we door naar de oefenruimte voor een muzikaal hoogstandje; op 29 april spelen we in Edel, Amsterdam, maarrr dat moet wegens gemeentellende en vergunningen (semi-) akoestisch. Dat vraagt om een andere interpretatie van de Spinshotsound. Een uitdaging, maar wel een leuke. Het resultaat beluister je op 29 april a.s. tussen 16.00 en 20.00 in Edel, postjesweg 1. Gratis entree!



Danku Heer len

Posted on 04-03-2012
Zo, dat was ondanks alle griepellende heel leuk, daar bij het tienjarig jublieum van Weirdomusic Heerlen. En nog nooit werden we zoveel 'betweet'. We moesten erg lachen om: 'Liever 7 Spinshots op het podium dan 1 Spinvis' en 'Wat is de overeenkomst tussen The Spinshots en The Muppets? De Drummer' (we zullen Emanuel vanaf nu AniManuel noemen) en waren blij met alle loftuitingen. Hopelijk tot snel! En vergeten jullie dan tussen het tweeten door niet te dansen?

Filmpjes van de radio

Posted on 25-01-2012
Als je op de radio speelt moet je er tegenwoordig ook al uitzien om door een ringetje te halen, want voor de webcam is niemand veilig. Op 16 december speelden we op RTV Rijnmond bij Live uit LLoyd, en de leuke filmpjes van dat studio-optreden vind je hier. Hier alvast 'Shake off the Past': 




 21 januari jl waren we te gast bij de Jabo Gumbo Show op Radio 6:





First review of 'Never So Right'

In Dutch leading magazine 'Jazzism'

Posted on 26-11-2011



New Pacific Pics!

Posted on 05-10-2011

For those who didn't get a chance to see our show last friday at Pacific Parc...Daan Kooijman was there and took our picture!

You'll find much more under the MEDIA tab




Album out now!

Posted on 04-10-2011


After two great shows at 'Nieuwe Anita' -our official albumreleaseparty- and Pacific Parc- we can say the record buying season is officially open!  We are very very proud of our record, which sounds great and looks gorgeous, thanks to the wonderful photograpy of Fotofloor, swell styling by Iris Satijn, make-up by Maaike Beijer  and design by the genius Martin Draax.

You can order 'Never So Right on vinyl or cd, by clicking on the 'order' link on the right side of this page or via and iTunes. Ant when you're there, leave your comments. We are very curious what you think!



Thank you!

Posted on 03-10-2011


Our last 2 gigs were superswell! We want to thank our lovely sexy audience and hope to see y'all soon.

Daan Kooijman took this nice picture at the pacific parc, more pictures of both gigs -with Flora in her sassy new costume- will soon be published here. You'll find them under the 'media'-tab.



Releaseparty 'Never So Right' Sold out!

Posted on 23-09-2011


Wow we're so excited! Here it is, 'Never So Right'; our first real LP. Vinyl, baby! Finally, after more than a year of hard labour. We can't stop looking, touching and playing it and we hope you'll have the same sensation!



September 24 we will proudly present our album at 'Nieuwe Anita', Amsterdam. Bummer though for those without a reservation; its gonna be full and Amsterdam Beatclub has stopped taking reservations. If you have a reservation, make sure to enter Anita before nine o' clock. Don't forget your wallet so you can be one of the first people to have, hold, and play 'Nerver So Right' on vinyl or CD.


For all of you who can' make it the 24, there's a second chance coming up soon: september 30th we'll play a wild show at Pacific Parc to set your heels on fire. Hope to see you all there!



Release date LP 'Never So Right': 09-24-2011

Posted on 24-07-2011



Yes! The Spinshots will proudly present their debute longplay album at 'Nieuwe Anita', Amsterdam.

The night is hosted by the Amsterdam Beatclub, the doors open at 20.30 and the show starts at 21.45. Be sure to be on time as the venue is small.

Reservations can be made at Amsterdam Beatclub.
We will play all songs of the album, unlike a week later, when we play Pacific Park, also in Amsterdam: there we will just build a wild party!

The album will be available on LP, CD and download.


The Spinshots invited Cato and Sofie of the Souldiers and Hammond player Julien Kummer for this special one time only gig. in which they will play all songs of the record.



Download our first single ‘Pride before fall’ for free!

Posted on 02-07-2011


Its original, funky, wild and fresh: Pride Before Fall is The Spinshots’ first official single. As a teaser for our upcoming album we give away this download for free. (Yes: Free! Free! well, the first 500 are free). Your first encounter with neo-exotica is served on a sizzling plate. So don’t hesitate, listen for yourself, get the summer feeling, download and share this track. And.. let us know what you think!



The band earlier released two demos, a split single (Serge Gainsbourg's 'Qui est 'in', qui est 'out') shared with Amsterdam Boogaloo act Juicebox, and a DVD with a clip called 'Désirs Mutuèls.

The upcoming album 'Never So Right' is expected in September 2011.




the spinshots on bandcamp the spinshots on youtube the spinshots on facebook the spinshots on myspace the spinshots on the spinshots on twitter

Buy ‘Never so Right’ on Vinyl, CD and Digital

Posted on 10-24-2011


We're very proud to present our first album. We did everything in our power to bring to you the best we could. If you are interested, here are the links:


180 grams vinyl, double folded cover, great art


Buy: CD 'Never So Right'


Download in iTunes




Follow us!

Posted on 02-7-2011


We’re on Twitter, you can like us on Facebook, watch us at our Youtube Channel and listen to our work at our very own Bandcamp. Get social and don’t miss a thing. The Spinshots are your funkiest best friends to the end!