About the 'Never So Right' album:


'Singer Flora Dolores can sing characterfully, although just as much of attention goes to the hornsection. For instant in that beautiful, almost Ethiopian arragnement in 'Desirs Mutuels'. The Spinshots combine musical skills and imagination quite smartly.'

- Fileunder.nl


'Uncomplicated happiness, very handsome songs in the tradition of big band music, spy fi, beat, Bollywood, Ethiopiques, garage and funk. One of the finest records of 2012'

- Jabo Gumboshow, Radio 6


“The band, formed around visual talent Martin Draax is uniquely mixing styles. If flips from surf to bossanova, to chanson and back. Very fine neo exotica debute album'

- Platomania


About Live gigs:


“This seven-piece boogaloo outfit play a 1960s brew of orchestral soul but spiced up with equal measures of punk, bossa nova, exotica, surf, exploitation, spaghetti and with just a spot of

Las Vegas Grind. Wild & exciting”

- Amsterdam Weekly


“They play a swinging mix of exotic styles. (...) New, original and contemporary, with a punk attitude: 'everything is possible' . (...) This headstrong band clearly has an endless pleasure in performing.”

- Dichtbij.nl


“The Spinshots instantly turn Paradiso into a beat club, packing in the audience by charismatic and charming singer Flora Dolores.”

- Live XS




“Flora Dolores moves like a harem dancer - the music varies between 60s pop and vaudeville, covered up by eastern melodies.”

- VPRO - 3voor12



About the Single ‘Qui est in, Qui est out’

Amsterdamians Les Spinshots, fronted by the super sensual Flora Dolores, blast their rhythm-and-bluesy way through the poptastic Qui est 'in', qui est 'out'. It's question we should all have the answer ready to: are you in, or are you out of this magnifique tribute?

- Rushhour


'Two great tracks from what is shaping up to be an interesting album to anybody with even a passing interest in Gainsbourg - Good stuff!'

- DJ Andy Smith

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Posted on 10-24-2011


We're very proud to present our first album. We did everything in our power to bring to you the best we could. If you are interested, here are the links:


180 grams vinyl, double folded cover, great art


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Posted on 02-7-2011


We’re on Twitter, you can like us on Facebook, watch us at our Youtube Channel and listen to our work at our very own Bandcamp. Get social and don’t miss a thing. The Spinshots are your funkiest best friends to the end!