Never So Right


The Spinshots have been working on their first album for over a year.

They patiently rehearsed the right rhythms, tempos, count, adjusting the harmonies and arrangements, and steadily polished the diamond of their music into a product they are very proud of and want to present to you and to everybody else on vinyl, CD and MP3.

In 13 songs the band takes you on a trip, a hallucinogenic 45 minutes of the purest and loveliest neo-exotica. The album is called ‘Never So Right’ and it’s truly a labor of their mutual love for the project. The Spinshots are ready.



releases September 2011
credits 'Never So Right' album
Fetish for Veils
Shake off the Past
Loving you Eversince
Trouble Baby
The Sweetest Fantasy
Never So Right

Qui est 'in'/'out'
If I would Fall
Love Hangover
Desirs Mutuels
Pride Before Fall
Always Second Best
Hindu Superlaska

All songs written by Martin Draax except Qui est 'in', qui est 'out' - written by Serge Gainsbourg and If I would Fall - written by Andreas Tscholl & Hans van Grasstek�.
All arrangements by Martin Draax except 'If I would Fall' - Horn Arrangements by Siebe Posthuma de Boer, 'Love Hangover', 'Trouble Baby' - Horn arrangements by Axel Schappert, 'Pride Before Fall' & 'Never So Right' - Horn arrangements by Ruud 'Trompie' Kleiss, rhythmsection-arrangement by Emanuel Wiemans.
All lyrics by Martin Draax except 'Pride Before Fall' - Floor van Dijck and 'If I Would Fall' - Andreas Tscholl.
Lyrics of Désirs Mutuèls translated to French by Natasha Cloutier
Lyrics of 'Amándote desde entonces' (Loving you Eversince) translated to Spanish by Neus Roca

All songs recored by Peter Akkerman in studio Yland except 'Dèsirs Mutuéls' - recorded in Martin Draax' homestudio and 'Qui est 'in', qui est 'out', recorded by Rob Berends at 'The Globe'
Mixed by Edwin Slothouber and Peter Akkerman
Produced by edwin Slothouber, Peter Akkerman, Martin Draax and the Spinshots
Mastered by Teejay.

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Posted on 10-24-2011


We're very proud to present our first album. We did everything in our power to bring to you the best we could. If you are interested, here are the links:


180 grams vinyl, double folded cover, great art


Buy: CD 'Never So Right'


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Posted on 02-7-2011


We’re on Twitter, you can like us on Facebook, watch us at our Youtube Channel and listen to our work at our very own Bandcamp. Get social and don’t miss a thing. The Spinshots are your funkiest best friends to the end!