Peter Hordijk



Peter"The Hook" Hordijk might very well be the smartest member of the band! Next to the fact that he only needs to worry about four strings. He's ,as we speak, becoming Master biomedical engineering.

With his twentysomething years he's truly our own Bassbenjamin.

But dont let those goldy locks fool ya! Peter is one mean motha on the four string. 

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Buy ‘Never so Right’ on Vinyl, CD and Digital

Posted on 10-24-2011


We're very proud to present our first album. We did everything in our power to bring to you the best we could. If you are interested, here are the links:


180 grams vinyl, double folded cover, great art


Buy: CD 'Never So Right'


Download in iTunes




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Posted on 02-7-2011


We’re on Twitter, you can like us on Facebook, watch us at our Youtube Channel and listen to our work at our very own Bandcamp. Get social and don’t miss a thing. The Spinshots are your funkiest best friends to the end!